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Thursday Moda # 177: High-Waist Shorts and Peplum Top.

Believe it or not this is the first time I have worn shorts this Summer and that was just yesterday and it is already middle of July. I think two of the main reasons I have not worn shorts this Summer is 1} I have felt fat this year and in all honesty this girl has gained some weight, perhaps I felt like shorts wouldn't be the most flattering and 2} I don't even know where all my shorts are - problems of a girl with too many clothes (I switch out my closet twice a year, for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). But I am glad this year high-waisted shorts and the paperbag waist are in, because shorts like these are so flattering.
HIGH-WAIST  SHORTS  AND  PEPLUM  TOP. ...Especially pairing a pair of High-Waist Shorts with a Peplum Top, they are a match made in perfect style heaven! And this season Target has some cute and affordable high-waisted shorts like mine (own this pair too), while Loft has so many amazing well-made, and fun peplum tops like this gingham beauty I paired my fun-c…