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A "Lost" Elegant Look.

You girls know very well by now that I love dresses and I own A TON of them. I guess the 5 brands that mostly make up my dress wardrobe would be: The Limited, Express, bebe, White House Black Market & Ann Taylor LOFT. I usually wear a dress at least once a week, despite what season it is. At summer time I probably wear them as often as 3 times a week, though I try to leave certain days to skirts and capri pants or casual/non-work days to shorts, minis and rompers. I am glad to 'find' in my archive of never-before blogged photos, this outfit because I quite seem to like it.

You also know well - as I have mentioned it a few times - that I am really behind with posting outfits, especially since some days call for an outfit change when I am not at work. This (me being very behind) was due to certain computer problems that started as early as Mid February and continued through April and then happened again in Mid May. That is why for the past two weeks or so I have been posting…

Sizzling Red and Clean Khaki.

I love date nights. We try to have at least one of those special date nights, once a week, usually on weekends. Sometimes (like this day) we double date with another couple (friends of ours), but usually it's just my husband and I. This was a day that started quite hot and it was April 29th. The weather hit about 25 Celsius Degrees. That's quite hot for just being Late April. This however was a later, evening date and since it gets a little chilly in the evenings I opted for long sleeves in the form of a simple, light tunic sweater. This sweater is so pretty and the neckline is beautiful front to back. I wish I would have captured a photo from behind as well. There is always next time.
I am also posting some of my favorite photos from the night. Three of them are with my lovely husband and one with my girlfriend (our significant others are great work friends, us girls have become good friends too, through them). The two of them are some years younger than my husband and I, bu…