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34 of 30: In-Vested in Yellow,

I feel like I have shown Today's Outfit on this blog already. I have certainly worn one of these Statement Animal Sweaters with a Puffy Vest before (1,2,3. ) but I believe in Outfit Formulas and staying true to myself and my style, so I took this Owl Sweater for a last spin in my 30 remix. I wanted to 1} wear my New Yellow Puffy Vest and 2} bring out the little Yellow of the Sweater by mixing+matching with more Yellow. I accomplished both of these by paring Gray+Yellow together (which happens to be one of my most favorite color combinations), however this time I added some Dark Blue/Navy into the mix and liked the trio. To focus more on the Yellow some Neon Studs and Bracelet plus a Dainty Yellow Necklace did the trick for me.

I know, this is already the second day of May and I am showing you Outfits with my remixed clothes still, but starting next week there will be all 'new' clothes and I'll finally wear many new items I have either purchased or been gifted, this Spri…