Friday, May 2, 2014

34 of 30: In-Vested in Yellow,

I feel like I have shown Today's Outfit on this blog already. I have certainly worn one of these Statement Animal Sweaters with a Puffy Vest before (1, 2, 3. ) but I believe in Outfit Formulas and staying true to myself and my style, so I took this Owl Sweater for a last spin in my 30 remix. I wanted to 1} wear my New Yellow Puffy Vest and 2} bring out the little Yellow of the Sweater by mixing+matching with more Yellow. I accomplished both of these by paring Gray+Yellow together (which happens to be one of my most favorite color combinations), however this time I added some Dark Blue/Navy into the mix and liked the trio. To focus more on the Yellow some Neon Studs and Bracelet plus a Dainty Yellow Necklace did the trick for me.

I know, this is already the second day of May and I am showing you Outfits with my remixed clothes still, but starting next week there will be all 'new' clothes and I'll finally wear many new items I have either purchased or been gifted, this Spring. I have to start off the first full week of May the right way especially since I have my own Birthday and Husband's Birthday to celebrate, and the Weather Gods are saying that we will finally get some temps in the 60's or higher and no rain, next week. Fingers crossed. So bear with one more remix outfit this weekend and then stay tuned for 2 Special Posts on Monday and Wednesday next week. Thanks for reading ladies and enjoy your weekends!!
I love it both with the Puffy Vest Zippered or not. For the outdoors, I kept it zippered, of course.
Pros: The Color trio of Gray, Yellow and Navy works. Sticking to a Signature Layered Look for those days when it is chilly but not too cold, works too. And Bright Yellow is such a Happy Color so it makes this Outfit - Springy!
Cons: Disheveled bun since the photos were taken later in the day. And, like I said I feel like you have already seen this Outfit before: same formula, just different pieces
Heather Gray, "Owl" Statement Sweater: Old Navy.
Bright Yellow Puffer Vest w/ Detachable Hoodie: Thrifted (New).
Navy Skinny Pants w/ Black Tuxedo Stripes off the Sides: Pull & Bear (New).
Yellow, Glass Beaded, Necklace w/ Flowers: Beadz & Bagz.
Neon Yellow, Plastic Globe Earrings: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique.
Neon Yellow Chain Rubber Bracelet: A $1.00 Boutique (New).
Black Rubber Bracelet w/ Multi-Colored little Plastic Beads: A Random Street Vendor for $1.00.
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

Here are all the 3 ways I have remixed my Owl Sweater during the 30 for 30. (Hmmm, I am noticing that all 3 times I have worn this Sweater with my Silvery/Bronze Wedges. Interesting!?) Which Outfit do you like best?

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