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Work Clothes Remix with My Pink Striped Portofino Shirt + Linkup.

There have been a lot of Casual Outfits here in the last couple of months, but today I am switching it up by showing you a remix post with some Work Clothes. For this remix, I took one of my brand new Portofino Shirts from Express (this Nautical Hot Pink and Navy one) and in the first outfit I am showing how to wear it now, while in the second outfit I am showing it for later, let's say closer to Thanksgiving when temperatures hit 50 or below.
Ohh how much I love the first "Now" Outfit. I dusted off my geometry lessons and proved that mixing squares or grids with vertical stripes totally works. Especially since one pattern is bolder both in color and in shape (the striped shirt) while the other is more muted and neutral in black+white (the grid pants). I added some simple silver (skinny) Teardrop-Shaped Earrings, a Black Quilted Purse with silver studs and silver chain strap and made my feet pretty with my Soft Pink Suede Pumps featuring cute piping and side bows. For th…