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Weekend Wants: Valentine's Date Night with Express.

You guys know I am a sucker for a beautiful red piece and as a matter of fact I wore red quite a lot during January. In my latest Thursday Moda post (which was also my celebration 100th Thursday Moda linkup), I shared a beautiful red camisole by Express, with a funny story attached to it (you should read it for yourself here, if you haven't read it already). Well my Red Camisole (I cannot find it online, since it was on clearance but check your local Express store) was by Express and it is new. You all loved this beautiful latest red piece in my closet - my slinky, draped camisole (it is stunning) - and loved how I styled it for my special occasion post. I also think pairing the red silky camisole with the eggplant purple tulle skirt and gold Christian Louboutin pumps made for a great Valentine's Date night outfit. Today my Weekend Wants feature more beautiful Valentine-date Inspired pieces by Express, most of which are in red, because let's face it --- I cannot stay away …