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Royal Purple and Summer Blue.

Good afternoon from this breezy but warm Monday. We have had a cool weekend here these last couple of days. It has been pretty chilly for Summer in the last couple of weeks. I am ready for some 80-85 degree weather. I need to break out my Shorts again. Come on Summer, you can't be over yet? I took the weekend off from blogging on purpose. I didn't post, I didn't read or got updated in any new posts, I didn't check out my favorite bloggers - nada. Sometimes a small, short break from blogging is so necessary, am I  right or am I right? LOL

Today I got a Pretty, Easy, Bright Summer for you. It is 100% Washable Silk. I love that it's a little Wide (great for post-pregnancy belly) yet it has a big ruffle on the bottom for some girly appeal. I paired it with my Turquoise Peep-toe Flats and I must say I love how the 2 colors look together. Do you? Once again the High Sock Bun is proving to be a great Hair-style for me this Summer. I love how the Baby & I are matching …