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Mom Wear to Work Wear: Baby Pink Cardigan with Ruffles.

Happy First Monday of February! January totally flew by us. I am sure February will go super fast, also. I have a fun month of Outfits ahead. Touches of Pink, Red and some other Romantic elements too, for the month of love. =) But, today is time for another "Mom Wear to Work Wear Post". In this one I am remixing my Baby Pink Fitted Cardigan w/ the Chiffon Ruffle detail on the front. But I created two outfits a little bit outside the box for a Cardigan (I think).
These two Outfits look quite different, yet that Baby Pink Cardigan is in common between the two. As much as these Outfits are different what they have in common is the comfort level. I felt very comfortable and put together in both of these looks featuring pants. First, I layered my Baby Pink Cardigan over a Long Mixed-Media, Beige/Nude Blouse. The Blouse is Chiffon on the back and on the Sleeves but it is Knitted in the front with small sequins splashed all over it. It also has a Fun Mandarin Collar. I am wearing t…