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Flashback Friday: 16 Valentine's Day Looks.

Today's Flashback Friday post is a little different than the other ones I usually do. Yes, I am flashing back to outfits that I think could work for Valentine's day but I have grouped them into categories and I have told you where you could wear that particular outfit to. Another thing is that I chose for this flashback post, I decided to go for older looks which I have blogged in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Most of you weren't reading or following my blog then and I managed to find some great outfits from those years which I love to recap today. I went outside the box and didn't go all red or pink on you, in this post. As I mentioned in my latest Thursday Moda post, purple or shades of lavender and off-white or ivory are other great colors to wear for Valentine's day. And of course black. When isn't black proper, beautiful, dressy or fancy?! Of course a Little Black Dress is always a great option but so is its close first cousin - the Little Navy Dress. For more see …