Friday, February 9, 2018

Flashback Friday: 16 Valentine's Day Looks.

Today's Flashback Friday post is a little different than the other ones I usually do. Yes, I am flashing back to outfits that I think could work for Valentine's day but I have grouped them into categories and I have told you where you could wear that particular outfit to. Another thing is that I chose for this flashback post, I decided to go for older looks which I have blogged in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Most of you weren't reading or following my blog then and I managed to find some great outfits from those years which I love to recap today. I went outside the box and didn't go all red or pink on you, in this post. As I mentioned in my latest Thursday Moda post, purple or shades of lavender and off-white or ivory are other great colors to wear for Valentine's day. And of course black. When isn't black proper, beautiful, dressy or fancy?! Of course a Little Black Dress is always a great option but so is its close first cousin - the Little Navy Dress. For more see all my outfits below and why I think they are great options for Valentine's day. =)


A little Navy Dress is a great alternative to a Little Black Dress. It is just as elegant and sophisticated and depending on the dress, it can go from the office during the day to a dinner date in the evening, especially since February 14th falls on a Wednesday. The outfit above can do just that - double duty Valentine's day. I wore this to my office job in Albania years ago. I think that styled with the Semi-Sheer Black Patterned Tights (with Shimmery Silver Thread), a Pearl Cluster Pendant Necklace and especially a Fun Little Bow Belt,I was dressed up without being too dressy. I opted for heeled Black Booties instead of let's say pumps. Mine are real suede. It turned out to be a great Monochromatic Look.

The best way to achieve a modern, stylish and trendy Athleisure type of look for Valentine's is to definitely choose a Graphic Sweatshirt especially something featuring hearts, a heartfelt/romantic statement etc. Mine is perfect for VDay and to make this casual but put-together Valentine's look better I layered a Collared Red Blouse underneath, and I wore my Black Velvet Leggings which are quite dressy. The Brown Multi-Buckle Edgy Boots add that sexy edginess. This is another remix post where I showed 3 ways todress casually for VDay.

Wear the color of the year - Ultra Violet. Though this outfit is from 6 years ago (before I even became a mom and I was pregnant but didn't know it lol) it is classy and yet trendy for 2018. It is romantic and great to transition from day to night since it is a Violet Pencil Skirt with a Ruffled Blouse and Classic Black Patent Leather Pumps. Go for a little bit heavier makeup than usual and curl your hair and voila this will take you from the office to dinner.

Hot Pink is definitely a "proper color" to wear on the day of celebrating love. You can do splashes of it, just a touch or you can go for a lot of pink (think two pink pieces or a hot pink dress) like I did here. My Velvet Hot Pink Blazer matches the Patterned Woven Hot Pink Tights perfectly and both look great over the Grey Houndstooth Dress. I loved the addition of the Deep Red Wedge Oxford Shoes and man talk about a great hair day. I love the cut and color, too.

Another way I did a huge dose of pink was by wearing a Hot Pink Sheath which was very sophisticated. This was an outfit I have worn to the office back at my job in Winter 2015 and it was during the week of Valentine's day. Another trio color combo I had never tried before but that worked so well was beige with hot pink and brown. I need to do this color combination again. Once again this is one of those outfits that can go from the office to dinner. It is so elegant and so comfortable, too.

This second outfit features just a splash of Hot Pink and would be perfect for a laid-back Valentine's brunch or little casual lunch. I loved that I mixed patterns with stripes and plaid. Also the little Grey Cloche Ladylike Hat and Black Crystal+Pearl Statement Necklace dress this up a little. I opted for Light Pink Lipstick too, to match my shirt.

Here is another "splash of pink" type of outfit. This is a work look and it is perfect for VDay because you are wearing a Pink Blouse underneath a Classy and Chic Sleeveless Sheath. Plus this Sheath is Herringbone which is the most classic pattern out there. Loved this work look.

If you are looking for a put-together but casual Valentine's day look or if your office is more casual, opt for a Red Sweater Dress like I wore above. It can be anywhere from a pinkish red to a burgundy. It would look great with Black or Grey Tights and if you don't want to go the fancy route wear it with Loafers or Oxford Shoes (like I did). Again the little bow headband is a feminine, elegant and romantic detail you could add to your outfit.


Never blogged before.
Now this is a fancy dress. You could totally wear a cocktail dress or satin dress if your Valentine's Dinner night plans are very fancy. If so, consider a dress in a jewel tone like purple, fuchsia, cobalt, emerald or magenta. While I wore this to a February wedding myself, I think it can totally work for VDay. Better yet pair it with another jewel-toned piece. I did just that because I paired my Purple Cocktail Dress with a Fuchsia Little Clutch and both pieces are satin. Love how my hairdresser did my updo here - so glam. Oh and check that out: my girls look so good here (and quite big lol... I usually hide them well).

First, let e say that I love this outfit. I mixed three unexpected colors together: Burgundy, Turquoise and Olive Green and I loved the results. This is a great daytime/office look for a business casual environment. Again I am working the jewel tones and My Gorgeous Heart Crystal Statement Necklace is also all in jewel tones. I loved my hair and makeup here, too. This post was a remix post and featured 2 other outfits with my Olive Skinny Cargo Pants. I also loved the very first look. Make sure you check out the original post.

This time the jewel tones are the Saturated Magenta and Neon Pink and even the Bright Canary Skirt is a jewel tone. This outfit is so girly, fun and sassy and I wore it for Vivian's 2nd birthday. I matched her own custom-made outfit that day: in purple and yellow. Read the original post for more, so many great memories. It was the first birthday ever we celebrated at Vivian's daycare, too.


I happen to love Red with Leopard, especially around Valentine's Day. I think I nailed this Work Look, especially how I matched the burgundy of my Two-Tone Oxford Shoes with the Burgundy Tights. That is a great Pencil Skirt too and I love my Denim Jacket over this look. To see this same Red Mock-Neck Top in a completely different outfit, check out this original post. I completely transformed this red piece.

In this first Burgundy Look I paired a Burgundy Cardigan with a 2-in-1 Grey Sweater Dress which has a lace overlay making it romantic, sexy and fun for VDay. I also chose to wear Oversized Bow Burgundy Velvet Flats and my Heart-Patterned Ostrich Crossbody Bag. That Pink+Red Daisy Necklace is also perfect for Valentine's.

Another way to wear red is to go for its Winter sister - burgundy. Burgundy is a huge color to wear November through February and I find it sexy and seductive. It is darker after all. This was another work outfit from February 2015 (three years ago). But it was fancy enough to wear to a VDay dinner date afterwards. I have on a Fancy Burgundy Satin Skirt which I paired with a Gold+Silver Embellished Bow Sweater (adding that romantic element that a good Valentine's day outfit, needs), Semi-Sheer Grey Tights and Monochrome High-Heeled Grey Booties. Loved this look where my Burgundy Lipstick and Burgundy Beaded Earrings matched my Burgundy Skirt. I have on a Diamond+Ruby Heart Pendant Gold Necklace, too.

Another fun pattern you could try for VDay is the Red Buffalo Print so grab a shirt, skirt, leggings or dress in this pattern and wear it. You got the red which is festive and the buffalo plaid pattern which is Wintery. I happen to love pairing red with olive and I did just that in this outfit. It is a little edgy and perfect for a casual office. Also, that little Open Heart Gold Pendant layered with the Red Plastic Beaded Long Necklace are perfect to wear together on Valentine's Day.

I wanted to end this Flashback Friday post with this outfit which is hands down my favorite of them all, today. And this type of outfit is something I am drawn to now, in 2018, a lot. I mentioned red and leopard being great for Valentine's Day. Better yet if you have a Red Leopard piece like my Gorgeous Sexy Silk Camisole with the perfect Black Lace Trim. I paired it with a Sleek Black Velvet Blazer, my Coated Marsala Skinny Jeans, Black Patent Leather High-Heel Pumps and my Heart-Print Bag and I remember this outfit so well to this day because I loved it. I felt like I looked like a million bucks especially since my makeup and hair turned out great, too. It was worn around Valentine's night three years ago when me and one of my best friends from Albania went to see the first movie of the trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey". I think this sleek and sexy outfit did the handsome Mr. Grey justice. It was perfect for the occasion and our night out with one of my best friends from Albania. There was so much fun and laughters that night. And cocktails too, of course.

Did you like this special Flashback Friday post today?! I hope so. Which are your favorite 3 outfits from the ones I featured here today. I'd love to know, thank you.