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The Holiday Series: What to Wear for Thanksgiving, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration.

Welcome to the very first edition of "The Holiday Series" which will be a long series that I put together, working with a dozen or so of my favorite bloggers - most of which I collaborated with for "The September Issue". This elaborate, massive, creative, stylish and super fun holiday series which starts today, will have 6 holiday-related posts and we haven't left behind Thanksgiving though Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's are right around the corner. Today we start off with our first post where myself and ten other bloggers show you all 11 very different outfits you can wear to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. From casual, to semi-dressy to dressed up, whether we are wearing flats, mules, booties or OTK boots, there is something for everyone and for every age too. So read on to see what myself and these ladies have planned for Thanksgiving and most importantly what we are wearing. Let's not forget, Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away now.
I couldn't help…