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Mustard Punched with Coral and Cognac.

Good Morning & Good Thursday. Believe it or not I wore boots at least 6-7 times in May. Some days called for it, other times I just wanted to make a fashion statement. And speaking of boots, this is the first and ever time this year I wore these boots. I kind of forgot about them. I love them, though. =) I adore this mustard cardigan. I purchased it the same day I purchased this same color tee from a store I used to love but who is no longer in business: Martin & Osa. Come on American Eagle (they were owned by the same company) why couldn't you keep this store in business? They were a similar store to J.Crew and Banana Republic: clean-cut, casual yet well-kept, simple, fun. I loved it and I loved their shoes, scarves & sunglasses, too. Besides their clothes, I loved their awesome, clean, modern store as well. Also, the necklace I am wearing here was purchased for dirt cheap at one of my favorite jewelry stores: Fred's Jewelry. You may have noticed a lot of my jewel…