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Ruffles that Mimic Ruffles!

Hello everyone once again on this Wednesday Evening. Sorry to post so often here, lately guys (twice a day with a new outfit) but I have so many leftover outfits that I never posted before and that I think are worth blogging. It is how I dress daily, anyways. However I need more of you to stop by more often at my page, show me some love, comment my outfit choices and spread your word out on your own blogs for me - of course only if you like to do these things. I really need to do some thorough deep marketing in regards to this blog. I mean to do it but I have been so busy with work and at home lately that I haven't been able to write such a specific post. I also need to change the header and greeter of my blog, and start to hopefully gain some sponsors, add some adds to my page and such. It will create more traffic, more readers and it will make my blog more lovable for all of you who know about it or who may not know about it. All advice and tips on this are welcome as well so pl…

Elegant Bussines-Woman.

I love wearing business dressy pants or trousers to work, especially on those days when I got something important like a meeting, a conference or a Corporate VIP visiting. I own several trousers or work pants, mostly from retailers like The Limited & Express, but also some from NY&Co, White House Black Market, Gap & Old Navy. This pretty Kelly Green shell is one of my favorite blouses and I like to think of it as "a lucky top" as well. When I was interviewing to find a job, I wore it a few times, either paired with this black cardigan or a black blazer. I sometimes wore a black pencil skirt on the bottom, sometimes black pants/trousers and other times I wore my houndstooth Green & Black pencil skirt that matches it beautifully. I was wearing this shell with my black blazer & black pencil skirt for my first interview with my current job. I found out from that very first interview that I was a strong, winning cadidate. It was pretty much a done deal by the …