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Thursday Moda #138: Target's Glen Plaid Blazers (and Cozy Scarves) for Work.

Good Morning Bloggers! The Glen Plaid is EVERYWHERE this Fall 2018. Especially so in blazers. But I have also seen it in pants, skirts (creating suits), sheaths, pumps, handbags and more. It is in my opinion the most preppy and the most classy of all plaids, especially since it is in black+white. I would describe The Glen Plaid as a very small Houndstooth Pattern inside Squares which with other Small Squares create an overall mosaic plaid pattern. So, I bought myself a Glen Plaid Blazer from Target nevertheless (I know you are shocked!!). Lucky for me I got it on a little promo sale too so I saved a few bucks. But this A New Day Plaid Blazer (on sale now, also) is worth every penny of the full-price, trust me. It is very well-made, well-tailored and fully-lined on the inside. A great jacket for a small price!
It is very fitting that my co-host today is the always stylish and modern KRISTIN from Countdown to Friday for a few reasons. First of all, Kristin owns the same amazing Target Bl…