Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Create 28 - a Pop of Pink.

I have a confession to make: I strive for Fashion Challenges. 
See, the thing is a lot of times these challenges or prompts that many bloggers host are not even that challenging to me because a lot of it is current trends or patterns and styles I wear anyway. And many times it happens that I have recently worn an outfit with a prompt from that challenge. Well this entire month of April, my Stylish Buddies Whitney and Carrie are doing a challenge titled "Create 28 Spring Looks". They were kind enough to send me the prompts for this challenge and the first two days are "A Pop of Pink". I already mentioned this when I wore my first pop of pink look a few outfits back. Today, I have a second Work-worn Look but this one is a little more casual. Speaking of challenges I will also try to follow Sarah's Top 10 Remix Challenge. I just found out about it yesterday. I will pick my 10 items this weekend + post them this weekend and I will probably wear these 10 in most of my April Outfits if not all of them. I will start posting the outfits with the chosen 10 pieces next Wednesday on April 8th but I know the Skirt I am wearing today will be one of the 10 chosen so I get a brownie point today since this outfit is older. And, speaking of challenges, I am doing some Budget-Conscious 75$ or under head-to-toe looks starting next Friday April 10th in collaboration with 2 other lovely budget bloggers. We will be doing these Budget Posts featuring Spring Trends for 6 weeks in a row. So it will be a crazy month around this blog of mine. Let's see how I do. LOL
So here is Vivian and I in our pops of Pink: my Velvet Blazer and her Colorblocked Hoodie Cardigan. I wore my outfit to work and she wore hers to daycare. Since Spring cannot make up its mind and bring us a warm breeze instead of sunshine and cold winds, some days I am dressing warmer and styling several of my sweaters topped with a Blazer, Denim Jacket or Moto Jacket instead of a Heavy Coat, a Down Coat or a Wintery Down Vest. This is what I did with this Outfit. I am wearing a Warm Brown Sweater with a Blush/Nude Pencil Skirt, Thick Navy Tights and Black Booties. I wore my Warm Hot Pink Velvet Blazer on top and since all the other colors here are Neutrals (Navy, Nude, Black and Brown) the vibrant shade of Pink totally worked. I did wear a matching pink lipstick, accessorized with some Drop Red Earrings, a Gold Bow Necklace and a bunch of Bracelets. I am glad I am showing off some of my big collection of bracelets. I don't wear them often or I don't remember to wear them and sometimes they bother me while I type away on the computer, or at work, or running around with Vivian (to be honest with you). And besides the Pop of Pink, Vivian is doing another huge Spring Trend: Floral. Her Floral Leggings are too cute. So, yeay or nay for this warm Work Look that is a transitional Spring Look for semi-chilly days?
Ohhhh I love this smile!
Brown, Cowl-neck Sweater w/ Studs & Patent Leather Detail on the front: Alberto Makali (similar, great deal), (short-sleeve option, love this), (tunic, braided option, best deal, love this).
Gold, Woven Chain, Long Necklace w/ Intricate Floaty-Crystal Bow: c/o a Local Boutique (similar by Betsey Johnson, great deal, love this), (similar by Kate Spade, best deal, love this), (gorgeous, fine jewelry, pave option).
2 Dainty Sea-pearl & Lavender Crystal, Silver Bracelets (left hand): Christmas Gift from my Husband (from an Etsy shop).
Brown, Mesh Metallic Brown, Twisted Bracelet (right hand): Random Street Vendor.
Navy, Thick, Opaque, Fleece-lined, Footless Tights: Random Street Vendor (New) (very similar, Splurge), (very similar, best deal, love these), (similar, footed).

Vivian's Outfit:
Red+Pink Hoodie Sweater Embroidered w/ Animals: A Random Children's Shop.
Blue+Multi-Colored, Floral Leggings: A Random Children's Boutique.
Navy Patent Leather Booties: A Children's Shoe Boutique.

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