Saturday, April 21, 2018

Black and Blush Pink for Spring.

Hope your weekend is going well you all. This is the case of one of those outfits that is cute on but doesn't photograph as cute. I think that's because it looks like those pants don't go so well. But they are actually Dressy Black Bootcut Trousers.  I decided to pair them with Blush tones - lots of them. Because Blush+Black is always beautiful, no?! I am wearing 4 different blush items (in different shades) but they all sort of blend in together, creating a monochromatic look altogether. My Long V-Neck Loop Tee (by Nordstrom), Long Chenille Cardigan (by Loft), Velvet Mules (by Target) and Soft Velvet Bow Ponytail Holder (by Old Navy) are all in shades of Blush Pink.

I ended up wearing this outfit this past Wednesday (when it warmed up a bit) to work, a dentist appointment and then going bra-shopping with my mom lol. I hate bra shopping, don't you?! I did get measured a month ago so I at least buy the right size, now. But I ended up buying three bras that fit great and are so pretty and they are all in pretty shades for Spring+Summer too. But yeah I got a lot of wear out of this Chenille Cardigan in the beginning of Fall last year and cannot wait to wear it more this Spring and into early Summer. This tee will get a lot of wear too - since I wore it to work and I have a lot of cleavage, I opted for a little demure white camisole underneath it, this time. Also, these Fun Heather Green Ball Circle Earrings I have recently purchased on clearance from Target, are perfect and light for Spring and Summer and definitely make a statement! What do you think of this outfit?! I definitely think it will work for a business casual environment as well as put-together mom wear or daily errands.