Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gift Ideas for Mom.

Today I bring you my second Gift Guide Ideas and this one is for the mom. For a lot of people, their mom is the most important person in the world to them, especially if they don't have kids of their own yet, or if they are not married. I know my mom means the world to me. As a matter of fact even if I gave her all of these gifts she deserves a lot more. Now that I am a mom myself I also appreciate, want and/or need these gifts in my life.

Let's look at the items on this collage individually. Check out my Gift Ideas for Bloggers here. I will also have a gift guide for toddlers, coming soon.

First, let's start with the fancy items I have included here. A fit+flare dress because they are comfortable, pretty and anybody can wear them. A pair of Statement Earrings for that special date, a wedding, a Christmas party or somewhere else fancy a mom might go to. A trench coat because it is classic, timeless and always beautiful. Every mom needs a trench, especially in a neutral color like I picked above. Also, get her a nice perfume in a lovely smell this year. One of my favorites is "Viva La Juicy" the original. It is pricey yeah, but you can try the smallest size. Trust me she will appreciate it. Both my mom and I always like having perfumes as gifts. Last but not least, I included something sparkly and fun in this category. Since it is the holiday season, sequins are perfect. Sequined skirts are seen everywhere this year. Let your mom have one for when she wants to wear it to feel feminine, sexy and powerful, when she wants to show her wild side (I mean that in a good way) or for when she wants to get all dolled up and be noticed.

In the pampering category (not included in the collage) I would start with a gift card to a spa or her favorite spa or salon. Let her have a day of pampering and being cared for with a manicure, pedicure, facial, makeover, haircut, etc. Or you can get her a couples' massage, or a massage for her, or a day at the chiropractor. Chances are she will most likely need it (especially moms with young children) and will appreciate it. A package of boxes chocolates and truffles - it will come handy not only when she needs a sweet treat to satisfy her craving but also when she is having a bad day. A red lipstick to make her feel beautiful and sexy. A red lipstick can totally change your mood too. Get her a new palette of makeup also. "Naked 3" is out and it is a great eye-shadow box filled with lots of neutrals your mom will use and appreciate. Also, not included in the collage is a bottle of red wine or two. Get her white wine by all means, if that's what she prefers.

Moving on to the food and book category, I have chosen a cookbook (of course). This one I thought was very neat since it only has crock pot recipes and busy moms cook crock-pot meals all the time. For a fun read, I also included another book. I have heard great things about "Everything is going to be OK". It is on my list to read for 2016. As a woman and as a mom, I worry all the time. My mom is the same way, actually she worries even more than me. I think, we both need to read this book. Also (not included in this collage) take your mom out for a mom+daughter dinner and movies night. Let her not worry about cooking dinner for one day and have her being served instead. You be the driver and let her have a couple of cocktails if she needs too. Of course, have dessert too. I also included a box of different bottles of honey in this category. Honey is so good for you and not just to eat or use a sweetener. It does miracles on your skin, for your digestive system, for your heart and your metabolism. You should eat at least a tea-spoon of honey every day. Last but not least, for your mom, the cook and the chef of the household, get her a cute apron this year.

Lastly, we still have some items she needs and could use in her closet and more. A pair of joggers because they are comfortable and stylish too. She needs a poncho this season. They are chic, easy to wear, she doesn't have to worry much about what she has underneath or if she ate a big meal that day. Plus, for a mom-on-the-go is such an easy thing to grab and wear. Every mom needs a cute and colorful pair of sneakers. They are not just for running or to wear for errands anymore. Bright pretty sneakers make a huge fashion statement. I love the ones from New Balance and own a pair myself. The pair I chose are pretty and for a great deal, too. She also needs some dessert shoes or some oxford shoes or oxford booties this year. These shoes are ultimately casual, so cool to wear and they look quite elegant too. I love the pair from this collage. Get her a Fit Bit bracelet or watch this year, especially if she is worried about extra calories or if she likes to stay healthy and fit. Tory Burch has some gorgeous designs of Fit Bit bracelets too, if you want to splurge. A pair of cute, new Winter-themed pajamas would also be very nice as will a fair isle sweater. Get her some comfortable slippers too. She will wear them and love them. Her feet will appreciate them. Love the pair from Toms I picked out. Last but not least, buy her a new pair of studs. Most moms wear stud earrings on a daily basis. They are the easiest kind to wear. Chose a pair of fun stud earrings for her like the golden-green ones I chose above.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Mommy+Daughter post. Vivian is back!