Saturday, February 7, 2015

Neutrals with Marsala Winter Accessories. ...And Learning from Style Mistakes.

So, Marsala - Color of 2015, right? I expressed my love for Marsala (a.k.a. Burgundy) just recently. I did add some items similar to my favorites from that list, by the way. I found them for great prices, as end of Winter sales. Anyway, in this outfit, I am mixing Neutrals such as Black, White and Navy with pops of Marsala - the Hat and Shoes. There is print-mixing going on too between the Buffalo Plaid, Stripes and Marled Cardigan. There is also a little texture going on in the Quilted+Faux Leather Skinny Pants/Leggings and the beading on the Knitted Cap.
I love each of these pieces: The Marled Cardigan, The Quilted Leggings, the Striped Sweater, the Oxford Pumps, the Cap. But, after looking at the pictures carefully as I was editing them, I don't love this outfit because the Pants look a little tight (though they aren't at all, they are actually comfy), so a Tunic Striped Top would have been better to wear, or I should have belted the Cardigan with a Wide Belt since the Cardigan is pretty long. Now, I could have not decided to post this Outfit. It is not a Bad Outfit, it just needs a couple changes. But, sometimes it is good to post bad, just ok or so-so outfits, because we are human and both myself and you (the readers) can learn from my mistakes. We can't win them all and that's OK. 
Actually, in over a thousand outfits I have posted so far, I probably dislike (in general) at least 10% of them and wouldn't repeat them again. Another 15% I would probably make changes to. The thing is, style is something that we learn and adapt with each day, as we change, as fashions and trends change and evolve, as we try new things in our closets. It is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to wake up one day and not feel like caring about what we put on that day, either, even-though it wasn't the case for me in this daily mom outfit. A little belt would have made all the difference. I still love all the items, mix of prints and neutrals here. I definitely learned from this mistake. Because of the shiny material on the front, this skinny pants aren't forgiving and need a long top or tunic to be paired with. So, what about you? Do you choose the outfits you decide to post, or just show your good or great looks only? Am I the only one who posts the not-so-good ones?
Navy Ponte, Jersey & Faux Leather Skinny Pants w/ Quilted Panels on the front: A Boutique in Tirana (very similar, great deal, love these), (gorgeous, sexy option, on sale, love these), (similar, fantastic deal), (jogger option, quilted, best deal, love these).
Burgundy, Wool Knit French Beret w/ Burgundy Pearls (Embellished): A Random Boutique (similar, newsboy-cap by Nine West, great deal, love this), (elegant option, love this).

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