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Two-fer Friday: Soft Pink Sweater with Silk Panel.

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a Great Christmas first of all. I have been meaning to post an Outfit Post yesterday but once again the day slipped away from me, before I knew it. Today, I am also posting late because I have been busy and I haven't been feeling all too well, either. Thank you to all of you who have stopped by this blog this week, during the Holidays. I hope you enjoyed the latest Vivian Post filled with beautiful portraits from her very first photo shoot. =)

Since today is December 27th and this month is coming to an end very soon and due to a lack of posting and an accumulation of previous Outfits not shown on the blog before, today you get 2 Outfits featuring my Rose Pink, Silk-blend Sweater with the Silk Palette on the upper back. These 2 Outfits were worn about a month apart, since the first one (with the Sweatshirt Jacket) is from November and the second one from this month. As you will see with both Outfits, I styled the Sweater tying a Scarf the long way…