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No Longer Neglected - Knit Dress, Flyaway Cardi, Python Tights.

Happy Monday Ladies. How is this week starting off for you? And how is the weather in your part of the world? It was sort of chilly here today, windy and cloudy, but I still took my Baby Girl out bundled in her Fleece Suit - which is white - so she looked like a cute little bunny in it. Then I added a couple of light blankets on top of her and we went for a stroller ride in the little park area, in front of our apartment building. She loves being outside and loves the fresh air.

Today's outfit features 3 items I have had for a while, especially the dress and tights, but haven't worn much or not at all. Smart and Beautiful Kate is doing a great challenge for this month, challenging herself to wear items she has never worn before, clothes with tags still on, or clothes she hasn't worn in a long time. She is calling it No Longer Neglected and I decided to follow suit this month and challenge myself to wear items I have never worn, clothes I have owned for years, or clothes th…