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Thursday Moda #190: A Poetry Inspired by Halloween.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU ALL! I Hope your Halloween was great. It was very cold here and very rainy. and there was no trick or treating for us (Vivian is still sick). In the more northern parts of Michigan it snowed for the first time today. I am posting very late today as I already launched my newest Thursday Moda linkup last night. But, I just wrote this poem which I left untitled. Could you think of a title?! But I will tell you what?! This little poetry today was inspired by Halloween, and not just because today is Halloween. There are many symbols to Halloween, including the 'different faces' we wear or mask ourselves with on Halloween. I took the metaphor "Faces in Places" and ran with it!

[Written on Halloween 2019, 11.15 P.M.]
Faces in places, creating menaces, playing dominoes, loosing in the middle of the chaos, resting and never-stopping, eye-to-eye lying, forgiving and forgetting, mistaking and regretting...
People in the middle and on the side, full of insight, drin…

A Sophisticated Work Outfit and a Life Update.

Guys, I cannot catch a break. Between always working hard, working almost every Saturday and long weekends for that matter, making sure Vivian does her homework, dropping her off to school every morning, trying to spend as much quality time with her as possible, Instagramming, blogging, writing and whatnot, we have that other thing we have to worry about and take care of and it is the most important thing of all: HEALTH. Since Sunday Vivian hasn't been feeling very well, but I had promised her we were going to one of my best friends to carve pumpkins with her and her son and I kept my promise. She forgot all about her coughing and bad scratchy voice. The kids carved and painted their pumpkins, drew and painted pictures, we ordered carryout, watched "The Elf" (which believe it or not it was the first time that Vivian or I) and called it a day. I really wanted to write a blog post, but all I wanted to do when I got home was go to bed early and sleep, after all I had a supe…

Thursday Moda #189: Fall Layers - Stripes with Leopard.

I have always loved leopard and stripes. They are my two most favorite prints. I also think they are the two most classic, most sophisticated basic prints. Practically a classic tan/brown leopard and a black+white or navy+white stripe are most definitely the easiest prints to mix and match with everything and wear as a blank canvas, as a neutral! These two gorgeous prints: Stripes and Leopard - are classics and they look great paired together, so I did just that for Fall, last week. =)
FALL  LAYERS  -  STRIPES  WITH  LEOPARD. Last week, on a Tuesday off from work, when it wasn't too cold to go out with just a cardigan, not a coat or a puffer, I decided to pair one of my older striped tees with my classic merino wool grey long cardigan, worn-in black skinny jeans, a touch of light pinks (my gorgeous purse you all love) and a dash of leopard via my newsboy cap, my sneakers and my wallet. I posted this outfit on my Instagram last week in comparison with another similar look featuring b…

HELLO Autumn Colors!!

When you think of Autumn Colors, which colors exactly come to mind?! For me it is any shade of Bourdeaux or Burgundy (like my Lace Insert Skinny Jeans), Olive Green, Tan, Camel, Cocoa, Burnt Orange and Teal and my very Colorful Pretty Sweater by Wal Mart has almost all of those colors I mentioned plus Ivory/Ecru. First of all how is this sweater from Wal Mart?! It is so cute and well-made and I love that the fun scripted "hello" is written in a different ivory thread. This sweater looks like something you could buy at Loft, Old Navy or even J. Crew and for the price ($17.00!!) it is very well-made, I am in a size small. I actually wore this outfit today. I did add a denim jacket for the morning when it was colder. You all loved my little video of this outfit, on my Instagram stories yesterday. Please follow me on Instagram if you don't already, I post very different content from here including a lot of Vivian's adorable outfits. Thank you.