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Burnt Orange Cardi Paired with Classic Colors.

Happy Friday Friends!! To most of you Friday is a Happy Day because that means the weekend has started and you get to spend a couple of days off, both resting, spending time with loved ones and running errands. To me, Fridays are bittersweet because that means yes the weekend is close but I only have to spend one of those days off, the other one I pull off a double shift (13 hours) at work. And, at 8 months pregnant, even-though I mostly sit down at a desk and even have time to blog (while working), it is still tiresome and hectic, long and not fun.

But today, for the first time ever I am Linking Up with Lauren From My Grey Desk. I like that she is so positive on Fridays and is always Thankful for something or several things every Friday. Check Out all the bloggers over there.

So (in no particular order), this Friday I am thankful for:

1. Being thisclose to Sunday - my day Off.
2. Having my entire home decorated for Christmas. It took a while but it is forgiven if you are gone for about 6…