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Red Roses and Some Chic Black for Balance.

Another work day, another work outfit. =) I have expressed my love for cardigans long ago (in this blog). The often times I wear them shows that, as well. White House Black Market always have the cutest, most unique cardigans. My favorites of theirs are the ones in floral or artsy prints, embellished with flowers or sequins, or the ones where buttons play a big part on the detailing. This particular cardigan has 3 very pretty elements: it is a floral print, it has cute bobble silver buttons and if you keep it partially-buttoned or unbuttoned you see a silk sliver of leopard print lining, running vertically on both edges (where it buttons). The day I purchased this cardi from WHBM I purchased 4 other ones. It was my last purchase from that store, since when I left USA, in November of 2011. Of course these pretty cardigans pair perfectly with the-very-popular lace-trimmed camisoles also from WHBM.

Guess who is off tomorrow (as in Sunday May 20th 2012)?! If you answered Ada, then you ar…

A Turquoise Button-Down Paired with Brown.

Hi Lovelies and Happy Weekend!! I am at work, all day, pulling a 13-hour day for you (I mean for me... better yet for the company I work for because if it was for me, I would have been off both today and tomorrow). That's what Management does to you on a day when the other manager is off. Lucky Me!! By the time I will be home, it will be close to 11.30 PM and I will be either a) super tired, b) hungry, c) a little angry, d) sleepy or e) all of the above. [Hint: I am guessing "e". LOL]

But anyway I am throwing another (dressy) pants outfit your way, today. As I mentioned it has been a chilly week and even-though today I am wearing a dress (with a cardigan over it) I have worn dresses or a skirt 3 times out of these 6 days and the other 3 times I wore pants. Actually I wanted and hoped for the week to be sunny, warm and bright so I started the week off by wearing a polka-dot dress w/ bare legs. I added a blazer for the chilly morning for when I leave the house. But I DID L…