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The Holiday Series 2018: Thanksgiving Outfits, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration.

...And just like that we are mid-way through November and as I am typing this, beautiful, soft, wet (it was very wet), cold, crystal snow is falling. Made my late night drive home from work a little longer and slippery. Believe it or not it is the 3rd snow of the season for us Michiganders. We already had snow fall twice (back to back days) last week. But it melted quickly. As a matter of fact these outfit photos from today were shot this Sunday and it was the most sunny day we have had in about a month. No snow or rain (my gosh it has been such a rainy Autumn this year) in sight, which is a good thing because the weather collaborated since I had to shoot outfit photos. 
And it is the first Holiday Outfit from me for this 2018 Holiday Season. It is the outfit I plan to wear for Thanksgiving! Also the first outfit and first collaboration (of six total) of "The Holiday Series" a multi-blogger collaboration I started for the first time last year. As a matter of fact you can read…