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Cobalt and Oxblood.

Happy Post-Christmas Day. If I am not mistaken today is a big day for shopping and good deals at the stores. Any of you plan on spending some money on anything cute? Or perhaps you have a gift card or two, or a few, you got as a gift and are trying to spend? Ahhhhhh... I miss US sales but at the same time I know had I been there I would have spent a lot of $$ on December, on myself and the baby. So in a way it is better I am not. The sales in Albania are so minimal and barely exist. It sucks. And I am frugal, I rarely pay full price for anything. There are some items I MUST ADD to my closet which I also know I will use a lot next year with my style being a lot more casual, always carrying a baby with me wherever I am, and not working. I will talk about these must-add-to-my-closet items on a different post.

Today's outfit features two Off-the-Moment Colors: Oxblood & Cobalt Blue. I am actually titling this "Cobalt & Oxblood" and it actually rhymes LOL! I have this…