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Poetry - To Fall in Love.

You usually come to this blog for my outfits and snippets of my everyday life, especially life as a mom. But lately I have shown you a different side of me, the most inner side of me I should say. Lately, you have seen a little glimpse of my poems and how I write and what I write about and the feedback has been amazing. Some of you have even emailed me to compliment my poems and encourage me to keep writing. And trust me, I will continue writing. I used to write a lot and then I suddenly stopped. But I have found my writing groove again and I am glad I have. Let me knkw what you think of today's poetry and whether you would like to see more or no. =) Thank you.
You all know I am Albanian. I lived there until I had just turned 17. Albanian is my first language, my mother tongue. Clearly I write both in Albanian and in English. Sometimes it is easier for me to write in one language and sometimes in the other. Today's poem titled "To Fall in Love" (written a few days ago…