Monday, February 26, 2018

Poetry - To Fall in Love.

 You usually come to this blog for my outfits and snippets of my everyday life, especially life as a mom. But lately I have shown you a different side of me, the most inner side of me I should say. Lately, you have seen a little glimpse of my poems and how I write and what I write about and the feedback has been amazing. Some of you have even emailed me to compliment my poems and encourage me to keep writing. And trust me, I will continue writing. I used to write a lot and then I suddenly stopped. But I have found my writing groove again and I am glad I have. Let me knkw what you think of today's poetry and whether you would like to see more or no. =) Thank you.

You all know I am Albanian. I lived there until I had just turned 17. Albanian is my first language, my mother tongue. Clearly I write both in Albanian and in English. Sometimes it is easier for me to write in one language and sometimes in the other. Today's poem titled "To Fall in Love" (written a few days ago) was originally written in Albanian and I love how beautifully it sounded in Albanian. I attempted to write a version of it in English. So I translated and adapted the poem from Albanian to English. I still like the Albanian version more but after reading the English version and editing it for the third time, I quite like this last version today. Also, this poem is written from a woman's/female's perspective FYI.

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 To  Fall  in  Love...
(February 23rd 2018)

To fall in love means your heart will sing,
your eyes will laugh even when you have tears of joy,
your organ will freeze when you think of his name
and your face will smile when you hear his voice…

To fall in love means your heart will feel joyful
when a brief voicemail suddenly comes through your cell-phone,
your body will feel the smell of the lovemaking you made last night,
and  your soul will be filled with the sweet words he told you…

To fall in love means to touch yourself when you think of him,
to empty the sadness and turn it into a ghost,
to find joy like the most inner petal inside a rose’s bloom,
to melt all the ice from the tallest mountain there is…

To fall in love means to write like a crazy poet,
to write letter upon letter, verse upon verse,
to create adjectives, metaphors and hyperbols
that no one before you ever created…

To fall in love means to feel superior,
to become the best-looking animal of the forest,
to fly freely like a colorful butterfly,
to run and jump like a ballerina…

To fall in love means to say senseless things sometimes
because no one truly understands the strong feelings you have for him,
to compose a symphony of musical notes like a talented musician,
to find the right words to say at the right time…

To fall in love means to know how to become a goddess,
to become the prettiest woman that every man desires,
to look at your own image in the mirror and feel extremely beautiful,
to find yourself and to completely love what you see…

To fall in love means to explode into feelings,
to feel from the most absolute depth of your heart,
to enjoy the way he looks at you with enamored eyes,
to get deep into his soul and feel his soul within yourself…

To fall in love means to become the little angelic slut
that every male dreams of having in his bed,
to kiss sweetly, passionately, without wanting to stop,
to have incredible, crazy-good sex and to make love as if it was the last time…

To fall in love means to feel like a princess
who found her prince charming like in a fairytale,
to feel the sun inside the pores of your skin every morning,
to be kissed on the cheeks by the moon every evening before you fall asleep…

To fall in love means to touch happiness with your lips
from the very first kiss you exchange every time you see one-another,
to thank your fate and feel like you were born with a spoon in your mouth,
to forget the past with every suffering and to be reborn!