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Burgundy Friday and Vivian is 3 Months, Today!!

Today is Vivian's Birthday. My little cutie is 3 months old. Happy Birthday Munchkin!! I Love You more and more each day. These 90 days have gone by way too fast, she is growing so quickly right in front of my eyes. I remember the day she was born when she was so tiny yet so cute, just adorable. Well she gets more adorable & prettier by the day. And as she grows little by little, she has started to smile more. Those smiles make my day & night. They truly add more days to my life. In honor of Vivian's Birthday I am sharing some Smiling Photos of hers from the past week or so, but first here is today's Outfit. =)

I guess you can call this look Monochromatic. I am wearing what seemed to be the 'In Color' of the past Fall-Winter season, which was Oxblood/Burgundy/Wine/Bordeaux, whatever you want to call it. My pants are in this color (love these Skinny Cords) but my Cardigan is a couple of shades lighter, with a Purple/Magenta undertone to it, too. I have actua…