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3 Casual Ways to Wear White After Labor Day.

Happy September you all. This is the first weekend of this month which is the official first month of Fall and since this weekend is Labor day weekend, I decided to create this post to show you three casual outfits of how to wear white AFTER Labor day. I have never been one to follow "fashion rules" and to tell you the truth I am not 100% sure if I ever followed the "Don't Wear White After Labor Day" rule and you know what that rule is super dated anyway. If we can wear Winter White in the cold months, why not wear its sister: super bright, shiny, crisp white?! I do know that I love my white jeans and I love wearing them for every season (I have two pairs that are skinnies - one is distressed - and I want to add a pair of bootcut ones too and a white denim skirt like the one featured on my third style collage, below). 

Actually wearing white in the Fall (or even Winter) it is easier than it sounds. My favorite colors to pair white with in the cooler months are b…