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Millennial Pink - I am Obsessed!!

Millennial Pink. Dusty Pink. Baby Pink. Soft Pink. Barely Pink. Rosé. Blush Pink. Champagne. Rose Gold. I can come up with at least another 4-5 names for this beautiful, super soft pink hue that has been HUGE in the fashion world for the last decade, especially the last 3-4 years. That is why they named it "The Millennial Pink" because it is the pink they made for the millennials. I have never been a huge pink girl though I am a very girly girl. But over the last couple of years especially I have loved adding colors in this Millennial Pink I am obsessed with - and unlike most bloggers and influencers I don't use the term "obsessed" often. The last two years especially I have purchased so much in this color and not just in solids but in prints, too. I have purchased dresses, blouses (lately from Express and Loft), skinny jeans, tees, shoes, tops, sweaters, boots, cardigans and even accessories like the sunglasses (they are from Forever 21) and the Teardrop Stone…