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Festive Plaid: Plaids in Navy and Magenta.

The fourth item of the Festive Plaid Week is actually 2 items: my Plaid Navy Skirt and my Magenta Plaid Scarf. So I got 2-in-1 for today.
What I did here is mix+match different shades of Navy (from the waist down) with different shades of Magenta (from the waist up). So I have on Dark Navy Booties, Navy Tights and a Navy/White Plaid Mini Skirt. On top I am wearing a Magenta Button-down Shirt with a Darker Magenta+Black Plaid Scarf (which you have already seen on the blog ). I am showing photos both with the Scarf and without because half of the day the Scarf was on, the other half it was off and I am showing a Fun Statement Necklace. Since my Necklace is bold enough I went for Simple Studs as far as Earrings go. And the photos were taken after a long day of work so I apologize about my lumpy ponytail. Are you wearing Plaid this week? I plan on wearing some Plaid for Christmas also. Speaking of, what are you planning to do this weekend? Still got some last-minute Christmas Shopping to …