Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday Moda #186: I Kind of Like the Way you Lie - Poetry.

Happy Thursday You All and Welcome to another Thursday Moda! I literally just wrote this poem. It is about love and heartbreak, real promises and broken promises, shattered hearts and finding strength, imperfect love stories and making it on your own. I hope you like it!

[Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 6.00 P.M.]

I kind of like the way you lie,
as you sheepishly say goodbye,
hurting my soul so much that it burns,
laughing in my misery with every turn...

Someone I trusted with the depth of my soul,
killing me softly, killing me whole,
watching my world shatter and doing nothing,
seeing me tremble from the soles of my walking...

You forgot what we promised or what we had,
how can you act so crazy mad?!
Burning bridges as you walk away,
leaving bruises as a ghost astray...

Touching the darkest bruise of them all,
a strong beating heart you tried to fool,
trying to make me weak as I got stronger,
thinking how to break me when I needed shelter...

Sheltering my heart you did not,
throwing my bones away to a far-away shed,
eating my happiness inside like a bloody monster,
you were so eager full of desperation and anger...

I kind of like the way you lie,
crushing me down every chance you got,
but I remember when you kissed my butt,
you needed me with everything you had...

Letting your pride get your best and your worst,
as I walked in my high heels and crushed the world,
and that is what I am doing once again,
I am my own woman and you are just a weak, little man!

Finally, after not having time to do the collages and break-down my favorites from each week's linkup, I am back with my Thursday Moda Favorites from last week and I wanted to feature all of my top favorites - EIGHT looks in total. Thank you to all 70 of you who linked up with me last week, and who haven't abandoned my blog or my linkup, despite me doing so due to time. I noticed a lot of pretty skirts and dresses last week as all of you are nicely transitioning into Fall. Two Beautiful Animal-Print Midi Skirts caught my eye and both of those outfits were my most favorite of the bunch. But I also saw some plaid dresses and a few colorful stripes whether they belonged to a pretty dress or a fun scarf! Let's take a look at my favorites below. =)

Ashley is cozy Fall-personified in her new pieces from 'Kindred Shops'. Her layered pink+black cheetah print midi skirt looked so modern and fresh with a front-tucked oversized cable-knit turtleneck.
Mixing 'Gingham' and stripes like a pro, Linda has on a very chic work-wear look with a blazer on top.
Those pink and red stripes on her tasseled light scarf add pizzazz and color to Mica's neutral 'Weekday Wear' office look. Love it!
Jill's little red embroidered dress is the perfect 'Fall Plaid Dress' that can take her into the holiday season and smile through Christmas.
Di's latest work outfits all featured my favorite color - beautiful, bright red. But there is something about that midi skirt with a built-in sash belt that caught my eye. Di is certainly 'Red-y for Fall'.
That 'Snake Print Skirt' is killer, from the length, the light chiffon material and the soft neutral color, it is gorgeous. My friend Rachael definitely styled it to perfection too. I need to copy this look!
Alison joined my linkup in a remixing post, where she took 'Two Bewitching Sustainable Dresses' styled from Summer into Autumn. I hear it is already cold in the UK where she lives so she fit right in!
'In Between Days' when it the weather changes from Summer to Fall, the always colorful Katie who lives in California, chooses to wear a rainbow-striped dress with sleeves and patent leather nude pumps. It was Vivian's favorite of this bunch - my little girl loves rainbow colors.

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