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Thursday Moda #87: Leggings and Tunics for Fall.

And just like that it is November first and a lot of us - especially us in blogging world - are thinking of Christmas, holiday parties, holiday shopping and so on. On that thought, what type of posts would you like to see on the blog for the months of November and December?! I have some in the works already - lots of Holiday outfits and lots of collaborations - but I would also like to hear what you think. For example, would you like to see any shopping guides and if so what kind of guides?! Budget-friendly gift guides, guides for the most significant people in your lives like your partner, your parents, your siblings and your children?! What about what to buy to your housekeeper, babysitter and the teachers of your children?! Let me know in the comments. Your opinion is always appreciated and valued. Thank you. =)
Today's Thursday Moda is all about Leggings and Tunics which are two Fall staples and my co-host MARY from The Mary Curator and myself will show you our take on these it…