Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorite Sweater Dress and Parent Talk.

Howdy All. How are you this Thursday? It doesn't feel like Thursday to me, more like Wednesday. It seems like this week went by so fast. That's a good thing for the most part, I think. As I am currently in my office blogging and eating dark chocolate (I have been craving chocolate lately), I can't help but think that just a few short weeks from now and I will be A MOM!! Wow that is so many things: Beautiful, Awesome, Fun, Happy, Fantastic, Overwhelming, Nervous, Expected + Unexpected, Unique (experience), New, Scary, etc, etc. I was asking my husband yesterday if he was ready to be a dad and his blunt, right-away response was "No!" It didn't shock me too much. In a way yes he is ready to be a father and he knows he is about to become one, real soon. But at the same time (and he is right) he said that one is never 100% ready to become a parent. That is exactly how I feel, too.

From some personal and parenting talk to outfit talk. =) It is the second time during this pregnancy I wear this dress. I love this dress in general, one of my favorite sweater dresses and I think it is perfect for Fall. Once again I paired a scarf with this just like last time but this time it is a completely different type of scarf in a silk blend (much lighter) & not in a rich, Autumn pattern, rather in big spots of Leopard. I decided to mix/match my Leaopard(s) by wearing Classic Leopard-Print Flats, too. These are currently my most favorite flats actually. They were originally priced for $88 at White House Black Market (last year) and would have been over $50 even with my employee discount (I worked part-time at WHBM at the time). But then I waited for them to go on sale which they did at $39.99 and 3 weeks after that they became 10 bucks cheaper. Low & behold there were only two pairs left at my store and one of them were my size. I love them: the classic print, the calf hair, the cap toe, the skinny bow. =)

P.S. Forgive the tiny little dark spots on my dress. It is just water, but I have been clumsy lately.

Light Olive-Green Sweater Dress, with 3/4-Sleeves & Lace Palettes on the Sleeves: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Lilac, Gray & Black, Leopard-Print, Wide, Silk Scarf: The Limited.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ Small, Black, Semi-Precious Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Dark Gray, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Leopard & Black, Calfskin & Patent Leather, Cap-Toed Ballet Flats: White House Black Market.
P.S. For the first time ever I am linking up with Shanna for her Random Wednesdays.