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Watercolor + Military.

First of all I want to thank all of you for the congrats and good luck wishes you sent me about my new job. I am not sure how I feel about the job yet, since I have only been there for two and a half days (so far), but I definitely need the luck and positive vibes my way so thanks once again.

So, about Today's Outfit: who says you cannot wear Black and Blue together, even if it is Navy or Dark Blue!? This Jumpsuit's Colors are actually Black, Blue and White and look lovely as a trio. I played with the Black and Blue for the rest of My Outfit and Wore a Black Military Blazer and some Black+Blue Patent Leather Oxfords. I also played with the Watercolor elements of the Jumpsuit and added a Watercolor, Ikat Scarf that has more shades of Blue (lighter blues), Lavender and Taupe. I ended up wearing this just last Saturday for the class I teach and it was warm enough for these layers alone. Have you ever worn a Summer Jumpsuit into Fall?
Jewelry: Long Dangly, Silver-tone Earrings w/ 2 …