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Currently: January 2016.

It is a new year, almost a new week and believe it or not as of tomorrow we are entering double digits in January. In the past year I kept up with the Currently Link-up with Anne and Jenna at least for half of the year. I love writing these posts because they are genuine and give all my readers real-life updates and snippets (besides what I wear) of my life. The following are the 5 prompts for January 2016. 

resolving: I can count in one hand the years I have made New Year's resolutions. The reason why that is because I don't quite believe in them. Of course like most of us I can afford to lose some weight. I can definitely save up a lot more money. I can get rid of a lot of clothes and other excess one has at home accumulated for years. I can improve my finances and I can improve my career too (meaning, I could find a better job). As a blogger I could and I should improve the blog in so many ways: content, outfits, pictures, social media, interaction, open up an Instagram, gai…