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Girls in Sun Hats.

I am starting this post with the cutest shot from this day. I love how Vivian is touching & caressing my cheek. When I received Laura's Weekly E-Mail about what the Trend of the week was, I got excited. It was Hats! God knows I have a lot of Hats, but I haven't worn many Hats in the last 3-5 years. I wore this Outfit last week for a day out with the Baby (though since I have no camera stand or tripod the pictures are taken home, prior to us leaving the house). I put the Baby Girl in a Coordinating Outfit. Not only do we match in Hats but even in colors. We kept our Outfits in the White, Light Green & Light Blue family. These Pants are almost identical to the Cobalt/White Floral Skinny Pants that I remixed on the 6 Remix, last Friday. Once again, they costed me about 9 bucks. They were a great deal. My Hat however has been on my closet from several years. It is Reversible. The Baby's Hat is also new, purchased at Baby Gap among other great deals and cute things I go…