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Watcha Wearing Wednesday Christmas Eve Edition - Link Up and Christmas Tree.

Welcome Christmas Eve Wednesday and Welcome to Watcha Wearing Wednesday! (Link up below.)
Since it is Christmas Eve I figured I should show you our little Christmas decor from our home this year. Vivian is almost 2 this year and she is at that stage where she is curious about everything and wants to touch everything. So, gone is our 6 feet tall tree. We were worried she would pull it and tip it over and hurt herself. Instead, I purchased a small (about 2.5 feet tall) tree for her and decorated it and wanted the tree to be far away from her to reach. So, I put it over the entertainment center with the rest of some Christmas decorations. I also put a couple more touches of Christmas elsewhere, like my pine cones and my Christmas Card display on the wall. Very simple and very little this year, especially for me since I love decorating for Christmas. I will let the pictures do the talking below. And in case you were wondering here is how I decorated for Christmas in 20132012 and more as …