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White, Sleeveless Button-Down Shirt - 7 Different Ways.

Today, I am doing something I have never done before. I took one item of clothing and styled it several ways - 7 ways to be exact. When one of my Favorite Bloggers Heather first told me about this challenge that Stylish, Put-Together Audrey put out there for all her readers & bloggers to do, I was excited & happy to participate. For the past 5 weeks Fellow Mom Agi and myself put together a Series called "Mom's Must Have Summer Items" seen here. We chose a few must-have Summer items like a Plain White Tee, Shorts + a Maxi Dress and showed different ways to wear them. I decided to show a Day look & an Evening Look. It was fun coming up with those but today I have a lot more looks I came up with One Single White, Button-Down Top. I really pushed the Fashion Limits on this one and it was time-consuming too though very much Fun.

I chose a Sleeveless, White Button-Down Shirt which to me should be a Staple in a Woman's Closet. Besides having a White Button-Down …

Silver Snakeskin & Fuchsia Bubble Necklace.

When I got the E-Mail from Laura last week, informing me that this week's Trend Spin was all about Animal Print I was happy because I love Animal Print (especially Leopard) and I own a lot of it. Going through my 2 Walk-in Closets & 3 Dressers (yes, you read that right) here at my home in Michigan, I realized I have even more Animal Print pieces than I originally thought. I have 4 Animal Print Pencil Skirts alone, several Tops+Blouses, Pumps, Sandals, Purses & even some Accessories in Leopard or Cheetah Prints.

Today I am styling this Silver/Gray Snakeskin Skirt with a Floral/Jacquard Tank Top which is also Silver/Gray. I added a Bubble Necklace (I finally bought the Popular Bubble Necklace - I got 2 of them for about 15 bucks each, a Teal/Mint one & a Magenta/Fuchsia one that I am wearing today) & a Hot Pink/Black Snakeskin Clutch. My Simple, Hot Pink & Purple Bangles bring out the Colors of the Clutch & Necklace even more. I kept my hair down + straight &…

Black Dress with Bursts of White Floral.

Hello. It seems like it has been ages since I have shown a Little Black Dress around here. This is not just a Black Dress since it has a Small Floral-Paisley Print in White but it is one of those dresses you can do so much with and even wear as Tunic with Leggings or Skinny Pants due to its length. Because of the 3/4 Sleeves as well as the Comfortable, Thin, Stretchy Cotton Material it can work year-around too. It is a great dress to wear for those in-between cool & warm days when the weather doesn't make up its mind. The day I wore this was exactly one of those days. It looked cool & chilly at first with lots of clouds out & then the warm sun popped its head & it got quite hot soon.

Light Cotton-Stretch, 3/4-Sleeve, Scoop-Neck, Black Dress w/ a Floral White Print: White House Black Market. Royal Blue Glass Beaded Long Necklace w/ Silver Fireballs (worn around my neck twice):An Accessories Boutique (New). Black, Beaded, Stretchy Bracelet w/ Big Flower in the Middle: G…