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Double Green Monday.

Not much in the wording department today. It is Monday. I have had a super-long & full day at work. On top of that we got audited and didn't even know that was happening. We found out less than 2 hours before they came that we were going to get an audit. Thankfully everything was fine and good and all counted for. Ahhhh Mondays - I so loathe you LOL.

I am doing a Green-on-Green Look today. Granted these are totally different greens: Bright Kelly Green on top & Neutral Olive Green on the Bottom. These are some of my favorite casual cropped pants from Target which you can dress up or down. I love the accessories I did here including those cute Nine West Sandals.

Kelly Green, Button-Down, Sleeveless Shirt:Calliope. Army-Green, Pinstripe, Casual, Cropped Pants:Target. Baby Blue-Rose Plastic & Gold Metallic Stud Earrings:Koton. Blue Python-Print, Plastic, Wide Bangle:Express. Blush-Colored, Strappy Sandals, Featuring a Big Beaded Flower:Nine West. 
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