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Floral + Plaid, Mauve + Black.

I wore this Outfit 3 days ago and as you can tell by how I bundled up, it was clearly a cold day. When it rains here (during the cold months), it gets pretty bitter outside, especially if cold winds come into play. So I wore my Burgundy/Mauve Floral Leggings, a Chambray Popover, a Dark Burgundy+Black Plaid Fringe Scarf, a Black Blazer and I even wore my Baby Pink Trench Coat for outside. To match the Blacks in the Outfit, I finished off with my Black Leather Booties. All this week I tried my best to wear a lot of Blazers for Blazer Week Link-up with Andi and Danielle as well as wear all of the 5 Pantone Colors for Pantone Week with Heidi and Marissa. Well, I think I achieved my purpose since this is the 4th Blazer this week and the last color (Mauve Mist - from day 4) of the Pantone Challenge, so I am linking up with all of these lovely ladies, again.
Mauve Mist is like a Pale, Dull Purple/Pink color, so for that I wore my Trench-coat. I also did some pattern-mixing between the Floral…