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Flashback Friday: Christmases with Vivian.

A special Flashback Friday post today for you all, as I am looking back into Christmases past since Vivian was in my tummy, until last year when she was almost 4 years old - which is give or take the entire time I have been blogging too (2012 was the year I kicked off y blog and started posting at least 3 times a week). Enjoy and have The Merriest, Brightest, Happiest, Most Joyful Christmas Weekend everyone!!
YEAR 2012.
Christmas Day 2012 in Red Sweaters.

YEAR 2013. Not Blogged. December 2013 marked Vivian;s very first Christmas. I did a lot of Christmas Photo Shoots with her this year. At least 3 or 4 were done at home by me and my husband but we also did a professional one in mid December. However most of these pictures were not posted on the blog. But my gosh she was such a beautiful, chubby, curious, fun, delightful baby.
These last few photos from December 2013 were from the Professional Christmas Photo Shoot we did in honor of Vivian's First Christmas.