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50 Tastes of Wine and a Blogger's Gift Exchange.

50 tastes of Wine?! OK, it is more like 5 tastes of wine but you get my drift. We will get to this cute Thanksgiving-ready outfit in a moment but first let's talk about a Gift Exchange or a Bloggers' Swap. 

And today I am wearing one of the items from the Swap I did with my blogging friend CARRIE from Curly Crafty Mom. I am wearing the Burgundy Infinity Knit Scarf, which you have seen a couple of times before, on this blog. Carrie is a very talented DIY-er and crafter. I loved her Hot Pink Tassel and Beaded Necklace she made for herself a few months ago. I wanted one for myself. So, we came up with a Gift Exchange idea. She would make me a couple of these Gorgeous Hand-made Tassel Necklaces (and include a couple more things) and I would pick out a few gifts (I did mostly jewelry, as well as a scarf and a flower pin) for her, in exchange. The anticipation was fun and the thought that went behind our gifts was nice, too. Carrie styled a few of my items today on her post, so make …