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Classic in a Pencil Skirt and Button-Down.

The extreme heat has really gotten to me guys. I have been so powerless and restless and on top of that I feel like sleeping 12 hours a day. Too bad I have to work a full-time schedule, every day. My appetite has been weird, too. Therefore I haven't done much blogging at all, both writing and reading. =( I am once again left, very behind. However, I do have a new outfit for you today. So, I am keeping it short since it is late and I have still got to go home and then have some dinner and go to bed.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I want to wish you all a Healthy, Happy, Sparkly & Festive Holiday with Your Families!! Happy Birthday America - My Second Home!!

Turquoise/Teal, Button-Down, Short-Sleeve Shirt:The Limited. Black, Button-Front, Stretchy Skirt w/ Built-In Bow-Tie Belt:Forever 21. Oval-linked, Stretchy, Silver Bracelet:The Limited. Gray, Plastic Stud Earrings:Piazza Italia. Ivory & Camel, Faux-Leather Headband with Double Bows (off the Side):Bijoux & Accessories. Blac…