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Insanely in Love... We Lost! - Poetry.

I am really feeling the writing bug this month. August was a month where I wrote a few poems and this is the last one of the month, so I am sharing it with you today. It has a lot of reality, truth and raw emotion in it. I am 100% sure several people can find themselves in this poetry. Some may find it sad and hopeless. Some may find it bittersweet and hopeful. Truth is, at the end of the day, no matter how many losses a human being has in their lives, they survive! They may lose in love and separate or get divorced, or even worse they may loose a loved one forever and death is the worst loss of them all! But we are meant to continue, just like an apostrophe we continue through the thousands of sentences that life has for us. Every day we live our life sentence through triumphs and tragedies, gains and losses!

Insanely in Love.... We Lost! [Late Summer 2018]
Insanely in love with the idea of what was, an old love so sublime, a feeling of free butterflies, beautiful birds running free on a …