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With a Rainbow Afterwards - Poetry.

With  a Rainbow  Afterwards... [8.40 A.M.]

Through the ups and the downs,  as the globe moves around, objects we leave far behind, memories we have from the past, with a new year comes a new dawn, a new beginning full of sun!
New ways to get happier and radiate, every day is a possibility for a start, with each sunrise and sundown, as we catch those first few rays in the crack of dawn, as we pour our first cup of fresh hot coffee, and we start getting dressed, all hustled and busy...
Find a new way to make it happen, move around get things done, let things go, let bygones by bygones, some things are best forgotten, let the new and the today be your omen, follow the light that radiates within you, be happier every day and glow - brightful!
Because there is so much wrong and so much pain that we deal with each day and each week, tears filling so many eyes, blood running through the veins, find yourself something to be happy about, be present, be thankful, be strong, you are a human, some days you will get it wr…