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I AM BAAAACK!!! A very very belated yet fashionable (I hope) post.

Why I haven't posted in forever?!! Ehh the reasons are one and many, but the bottom line is ....what it comes down to is Time & Dedication. That combined with a 70-75 hour work schedule weekly (without even counting the driving), not having my own camera (I broke mine in January), not having a Tripod, not having a person available to take my photos daily (my husband is currently working in Europe for a few months so as you can imagine I am missing him terriblyyyyy), etc, etc. equals to a very empty blog which lacks in both writing and photos of OOTD. But whether you believe me or not I shower, do my hair, put some makeup on, dress and make myself presentable daily, I'd like to think in a pretty, chic and fashionable manner. At least I get complimented on my clothes and jewelry daily.

However I have been lurking in here, doing a lot of reading, envying a lot of wonderful looks, admiring a lot of fashionable bloggers, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, SASSY & FUNNY FASHIONISTAS (I'…