Thursday, April 4, 2013

Plaid Shirt, Bell Bottom Jeans and Bordeaux Lips.

Happy Thursday Lovelies. To all of you who have cared enough to ask me about Vivian, her fever is gone (after her shots), however I am afraid she has caught a cold and has a bad cough going on. Poor Baby. Keep praying for her and also pray that we get some sunshine around here. This rain (for almost 3 weeks straight) is getting to me. I feel like I am either in Seattle, London or Oregon. Geez Louise!!

Today's outfit is very simple because sometimes Simplicity & Comfort rule among everything else. I purchased this Purple/Black Plaid Tunic Top at the Forever 21 store in Down-Town Toronto in Canada, back in Fall of 2009. Speaking of Forever 21, that particular one in Toronto was the largest I have seen so far. It was 3 levels high and set up like a department store. Their H&M was the same way. I was so jealous about them having a European-like H&M, which is a brand and store I love. It is funny how this top is trendier now than it was back then. And the jeans are my Distressed Bell Bottoms from American Eagle. These jeans need a little height though so I added my Oxford Brown Wedges and some Bordeaux/Mauve lipstick and I was good to go.

Oh and noticing from this week's outfits do I smell a Purple theme or what? I swear it wasn't done on purpose. OK, I declare this the Purple Week. Perhaps I will come up with some Purple Outfits tomorrow for Flashback Friday, also? What do you say? Do you like Purple?

Purple, Gray & Black, 3/4-Sleeve, Plaid Button-Down: Forever 21.
Boot-Cut, Distressed Blue Jeans w/ Fun Patch Pockets in the Front: American Eagle.
Delicate, Gold-Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Dark Brown Leather Suede Purse: Old Navy.
Bordeaux/Wine/Mauve Lipstick: Violet Light by REVLON.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

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