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YOU - Poetry.

Here is a LIVE Poetry for you all. I just wrote it and it is in my opinion - one of my best ones. Some of the things I have written in here may sound A] cliche or B] we already know them (but are either in the back of our minds or we don't ever follow them). The truth is, almost always it is YOU (me, you, each of us) that has the destiny to his or her life. What do you think?! Read on!

YOU. [October 3rd 2018, 10.10 PM EST]

You have one life to live, give it your all! Throw away the inhibitions, judgments and what ifs, turn the but-s into will-s, make it happen, follow the rhythm sometimes and other times don't go with the flow...
You are the king on a road with thousands of turns, intersections, insecurities, gaps, holes and a lot of unpaved unknowns, you chose how to walk that road and at what speed, you chose to fall, get up, slow down or accelerate!
You chose to believe what you want to believe, you chose to lead by example or follow the wrong crowd, you chose to find the light within t…