Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black and White in Solid and Stripe with a Pop!

Hello once again. I have really loved A-Line skirts lately. Today, on today's actual date, I am wearing a gorgeous A-Line Midi Skirt. And I continue to be super-behind with postings, that's why you get an 'older' outfit once again, still recent from this Spring, though. I think for the next 10 days or so you, I will continue to get two posts in one day till I catch up and then I will be back to my normal daily outfits, and I will only be a day or two behind, then.

Also, starting next week I am taking a Challenge put together by Keely and Megan. Though these two fashionable girls are quite different in their Fashion Taste(s), they have been paired up for the last 8 months or so and have run beautiful challenges month by month. It is my first time to join their challenges as I only really kicked My Blog into High Gear about 4 months ago. I will be happy to join their latest challenge which focuses on different summer trends. I might even buy a Tribal piece for it. However, finding something Tribal that would be cute & appropriate for work might be difficult, we will see.

Black & White Stripped Sweater, with Peek-A-Boo Back: White House Black Market.
Knee-Length, Pleated, Black Skirt w/ Front Pockets: Gap.
Long, Jet Black, Glass-Beaded Necklace: White House Black Market.
Sky Blue, Rhinestone Stud Earrings: Forever 21.
Black Leather, Braided Bracelet w/ Silver Clasp (Left Hand): Parfois.
Bright Yellow, Line Scarf: The Limited.
Solid Teal Tights: Forever 21.
Black Leather Boots: Impo.

Class and Layers.

Hello all, how are you this Wednesday Morning (well it's afternoon for me) but it is still before 10.00 AM over there Eastern time. I woke up today feeling sort of a heavy head. The bus that I take to work sort of made me dizzy too. I get car-sick every now and then. I hate public transportation and traffic in Tirana sucks, but still... buying a car is not the right thing to do right now due to the traffic, high costs that come with having your own car and extremely-high gas prices. I know gas in USA averages about 4.10-4.20$ a Gallon but it is about 1.75$ a Liter here which makes it about 7.50$ a Gallon. Insanity, I know.

This is a layered, elegant look made of two colors which I love paired together: Gray and Lavender or Lilac. I also adore this pencil skirt. I only added it to my wardrobe early February of this year but I have worn it on many occassions. I love a nice, colored pencil skirt. I think the wide belt featuring the little rose adds some oomph to this outfit and the color of the belt offsets the similar color of the light tights. I wish I would have taken a closer photo of the headband because it is quite pretty. Anyway, I leave you on to the outfit. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. =))

Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique.
Lace, See-Through, Floral, Taupe Tee: The Limited. 
3/4-Sleeve, Heather Gray Cardigan Decorated w/ Sequins on the Front: The Limited.
Ivory, Stretchy Nylon Tank (Under the Top): The Limited.
Beige, Faux Pearl & Clear Geometric Stone, 2-Stranded, Statement Necklace: White House Black Market.
Stretchy, Wide, Maroon Belt with a Big Rose Off the Side: Calliope.
Thin Metallic Headband Featuring a Rhinestone, Multi-Colored Insect: An Accessories Boutique in Tirana. 
Plum-Colored, Thin, See-Through Tights: Lauma.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.