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Black and White in Solid and Stripe with a Pop!

Hello once again. I have really loved A-Line skirts lately. Today, on today's actual date, I am wearing a gorgeous A-Line Midi Skirt. And I continue to be super-behind with postings, that's why you get an 'older' outfit once again, still recent from this Spring, though. I think for the next 10 days or so you, I will continue to get two posts in one day till I catch up and then I will be back to my normal daily outfits, and I will only be a day or two behind, then.

Also, starting next week I am taking a Challenge put together by Keely and Megan. Though these two fashionable girls are quite different in their Fashion Taste(s), they have been paired up for the last 8 months or so and have run beautiful challenges month by month. It is my first time to join their challenges as I only really kicked My Blog into High Gear about 4 months ago. I will be happy to join their latest challenge which focuses on different summer trends. I might even buy a Tribal piece for it. Howeve…

Class and Layers.

Hello all, how are you this Wednesday Morning (well it's afternoon for me) but it is still before 10.00 AM over there Eastern time. I woke up today feeling sort of a heavy head. The bus that I take to work sort of made me dizzy too. I get car-sick every now and then. I hate public transportation and traffic in Tirana sucks, but still... buying a car is not the right thing to do right now due to the traffic, high costs that come with having your own car and extremely-high gas prices. I know gas in USA averages about 4.10-4.20$ a Gallon but it is about 1.75$ a Liter here which makes it about 7.50$ a Gallon. Insanity, I know.

This is a layered, elegant look made of two colors which I love paired together: Gray and Lavender or Lilac. I also adore this pencil skirt. I only added it to my wardrobe early February of this year but I have worn it on many occassions. I love a nice, colored pencil skirt. I think the wide belt featuring the little rose adds some oomph to this outfit and the c…