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Dotty and Dressy on a Saturday.

Hi All. I do not remember the last Saturday I was off. I have worked like crazy the last 6-7 Saturdays or so, including today. Because of Albania's Independence Day and since last weekend it was the 1-year Anniversary of my work-place, I decided to dress up for work a little bit, last Saturday. I still had to layer and stay warm since it was quite cold out and I wanted to incorporate Red into my look, so this Silk Polka-Dot Dress with the Red Cardigan over, it served the purpose. Actually, now that I think of it, this would make a great Holiday Party Outfit too, since it features Silver and Red - two Festive Holiday Colors. Plus the dress material is silk.Wear Opaque Black Tights or See-Through Black Tights & some Red Pumps and you got yourself a beautiful Holiday Outfit. =) Don't you think?

As far as this dress goes, I have barely worn it because even-though a size Small, it has been a little large on me (in general) so I only wore it once this Spring. It has sort of that…

My Baby Story: 31 Weeks.

This has been another Baby-filled week for me. Not as much for my own baby, but with babies & baby thoughts nevertheless. My Sister-in-Law's Best Friend, who lives in Italy, finally gave birth to her big, beautiful, healthy Baby Girl -- Anna Maria. She was at a full 40 weeks and they had to induce labor on her but it was a natural birth and despite many hours of labor, the baby & mom are both healthy and now home, together. A couple of weeks ago I sent over a cute, soft, plush Bear to the baby, along with some gifts my Sister-in-Law had for her friend. =) My SIL considers this her first niece so she became an aunt for the first time. Her second niece (our baby) and also the blood-related niece (LOL) will come in two months.

To My Baby Girl:
I don't know where & how how fast November flew by. As much as I want to treasure each minute & each day of this pregnancy, because the time I carry you on my belly is truly sacred, happy & privileged, at the same time I …