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Dressed Up for a Movie Night with a Girlfriend.

I know I have been MIA but I have had a very busy week and an extremely busy weekend. I actually work every day this week, with 3 doubles in a row this weekend. Working two jobs certainly keeps one busy but I like it this way. Plus, I sure have a lot of bills and I am a huge shopaholic. How could I afford my huge closet otherwise? Ohh and it doesn't help that I have expensive taste. I am a taurus after all and two of our best and worst (at the same time) traits are that we are very stubborn and we have excellent taste. But great taste comes at a great price. However, as much as I like quality in clothes, shoes, purses and such I wouldn't spend an insane amount on money on one item only. I do go after deals and steals, sales and coupons, like all of us (especially necessary in today's world and global financial crisis.)

However, I did manage to go to the movies 3 times just these last few weeks. One of these movie dates was with my dear, good friend Denise. When it comes to…