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Geometric Black + White with Poppy.

Hello All. This has been a Facebook day. Let me explain: I finally announced My Big, Happy News on to Facebook and I even posted a baby bump photo. I got hundreds of wishes. It was hard to keep up with them. People made me feel even happier, more hopeful and more blessed. This is definitely A BIG BLESSING actually. And I cannot wait to have these next 6 months go by fast so I can finally hold my baby in my own arms. It will be an amazing feeling, not to be outdone by anything else - that I am sure of.

Here is another outfit for you featuring this favorite Black & White A-line skirt I own. It is actually a size XSMall but still fits me and the elastic waist is working for my baby bump. I love the diamond-shaped geometric print, here. I got this skirt late last summer and wore it a few times last year, too. I like that I own a lot of A-Line, flowy skirts and that they are all at least knee-length, and some below the knee. They are working for me now that I am pregnant. What I love a…